Story a Day Month

Found a wonderful challenge for the month of May. It’s called  Story a Day and I’m having a blast. The basic goal – a short story each day through the month. Of course, this being an entirely free and voluntary activity each participant is free to  set which days they’re writing on. I’ve decided Monday through Friday and noticed several other people have done the same.

Each day a prompt is posted to be used or ignored at your pleasure. So far I’ve been using them and treating this as a month long writing exercise. So far I’ve had to write something with an alternate reality, work very hard on describing a scene, and written an epic battle between good and evil. Very cool!

While this is only the second year of the event  the organizer, JulieD, has created a nice community setting. There are also the usual group and forum options. Early registrants were able to set up blogs within the site for other participants to visit. I’ve noticed some people feeding back to their regular blogs. That’s my choice. Why set up yet another blog to keep track of?

So for now I’m writing  A Story a Day and loving it. Thank you JulieD!

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