Waiting for the Red Jacket

May 11 prompt used for this one – Rewrite the story of Red Riding Hood. I decided to tell the story from the wolf’s point of view and then gave myself the challenge of writing it twice – once as a hint fiction and then as a micro fiction.

Photo Credit:US Fish and Wildlife Service

His nails made turning the lights off difficult and the hidden woman kicked at him but it all would be worth it when dinner arrived.

As he padded around the small comfortable house, the wolf began turning the lights off. He cursed how difficult his long nails made this task and how much task lighting existed in such a small cottage. The old woman who lived here had been easily overtaken while tending her garden and now lay deep in his belly hidden for a later time. His mouth began salivating as he thought of the upcoming feast. Instinct overcame him as he leapt at the first knock. She’ll be a yummy treat, he thought, if only I can bite through those purple rubber boots.

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