Grimoires and Badges

If anyone’s noticing I changed my badge over there on the left side. Just a little visual way to show what I’m doing in general. They’re nifty little things and make me feel like I’ve earned a  Scout badge each time I’m able to use a new one, which is of course the entire point. I found them over at Merit Badger where their motto is “Wear your life with pride!” So I do. And the best part about Merit Badger? They’re free! I’m the eternal cheapskate – learned that from my mother, bless her for it.  And I just have to say a big THANK YOU to Em!

But on to the real reason I  needed to change over to the Research Badge. I’ve just started reading Owen Davie’s book Grimoires: A history of Magic Books. So far very fascinating and I haven’t even gotten out of Chapter 1.


This is just my latest trip deep into a library. I must admit I haven’t spent this much time among the dusty tomes near the attic since college. But started working on an idea for a book/series – all depends on how it comes together. Part of it needs to be a reasonably accurate understanding of witchcraft/sorcery/way of the healers (got all that?) from different eras and geographical locations. And I don’t have a clue about much of this beyond watching Charmed.

This is all rather funny to me because I’m a girl who swears what she really wants to write is SciFi but lately most of my ideas have been more in the Fantasy realm, so I go with what my muse wants right now.

Still in the middle of Story a Day, mini-van is warm in the driveway, and must go and find a laurel leaf – or was it a fig leaf? Better keep doing my research so I know what I’m doing!

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