The Red Haired Reminder

Prompt used: Reunion. Write a story that includes the idea of a reunion. This turned out quite a bit differently than I expected it. Struggled with how much to be explicit and how much to hint at.  Definitely out of my comfort zone and definitely rough, but it has a start, a middle, and an end.  Pushed myself to write even after a draining day.

Trina stared at the card her mother had forwarded with dread. Was it really time for a reunion? She knew some people would feel like high school had just happened but not for Trina. There was so much, most of it pain, and Trina really wasn’t in the mood to share with a group of people who had deserted her when she brought charges against the most well loved boy in school. The investigation and trial had overshadowed the final months of senior year for the entire class. Trina couldn’t escape town soon enough after that.

But just as Trina was ready to toss the card, the front door opened and she smiled. There was the one person who could always make her smile. “I’m in the kitchen.”

“Where else?” Trina heard a thump. “Be right there, I have something to show you.”

It was only a few minutes but Trina sat wondering what could be taking to long. “Sorry,” Derreck said, walking into the kitchen.

Trina looked up with pride at her son. She was always amazed at how tall he had become. Derreck had cleared six foot before his fourteenth birthday and from then on he had always been the tallest one in his class. That and his bright red hair had always made him stand out in any crowd, just like his father. But now he was glowing for another reason. Triumphantly, the young man held a certificate. “My diploma arrived today. I officially have a Masters in Economics.”

The proud mother held up her hands. “Let me see it.” She traced a finger over the raised seal and marveled, as she so often did, at this amazing young man who had worked so hard. “Oh honey, I’m so proud of you.” Derreck leaned down to meet his mother’s open arms. “I could just hug you forever.”

“I know mom. But I will need to go home and feed the cat eventually.”

“All right,” She said reluctantly releasing the newly minted graduate. “I’m sorry I couldn’t come to your graduation.”

Derreck sat down, it was easier on her not to move around much right now, what with the broken leg and all the bruising from the accident. “You were in the hospital. It’s an automatic excuse. Anyway, you want me to do anything before I get going?”

“No, the nurse was in today. See you tomorrow?”

“OF course,” He stood up to leave. “I’ll let myself out.”

“Okay. I’ll sit here and let you.”

Trina noticed the invitation as Derreck was leaving. Maybe she should go and hold her head high. She should go show off pictures of Derreck just like any other proud parent. They would know who his father was, and she would know that he was nothing like that man.

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