It Only Takes Two

Story a Day Writing Prompt Used  – Before the Parade Passes By, Write a Story set in a small town. I will admit to only reading the first part of the prompt before starting this little ditty. But how many large cities have bike paths meandering through them?

She walked along, head held high in her quietly proud way. Nothing would get in the way of her post- breakfast walk along the bike path. The burgeoning spring plants quietly flickered against her leg as the stepped over to the side of the path to check on an interesting flower. Inquiry done, she resumed her carefully planned trip.

Watching the cat’s morning stroll always amused me and helped to mark the passage of my days just as much as my children’s milestones. It had been eight years that we’d had this little routine, though I very much doubted she knew of my participation in her life. Wistfully I wondered how many more years I would have to stand here at the kitchen door, cocoa mug in hand, watching the little sleek white bodied feline and her curious black ears provide for me a peaceful morning parade.

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