NaNo Needs Guts

No, I’m not usually hawking something around this place. But today I’m plugging away for NaNoWriMo. Just in case you’ve never been exposed to this manic experience let me describe it this way:

November 1 – Join with 200,000+ of your closest friends to begin writing [first draft of] a novel and wonder if you can do it.

November 30 – breathlessly finish your [first draft of a] novel at 50,000 words or more, upload your word count, receive winner badge and begin partying

Really, it’s that basic. It’s just all the stuff in between that adds to the experience. Where else can you talk to people from all over the world, get pep talks from actual well known authors, have the opportunity to meet flesh and blood people in your own area, and be encouraged to really push yourself all FOR FREE.

I must be honest here and admit that I’ve only participated for one year. But it was such a wonderful experience I  made a special page just for NaNo. But my kids have also participated over at the Young Writer’s site where there are nicely moderated forums and kids get to set their own word goal. Now I’m not saying that  I felt any more pressure, but really, who wants to be outdone by their kids?

Of course in the real world all the staff,  office, website, and local volunteers do need stuff like paychecks, power, postage, and server time (just to mention a few). So yes, you are asked if you can spare a little money to help along the way if you can.

This year there’s an even cooler project underway called Camp NaNoWriMo. For many people November is not a great month to try and get intense writing done what with all the shopping and tree trimming and turkey basting. So now it is finally time to get summer camp launched. And that’s part of the point  to this summer’s Camp and Guts fundraising drive.

I haven’t even touched on 95% of what this incredibly small group of people manage to pull off every year. So yes, I’m asking you to go check it out for yourself and give.

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