My Next Step

I just realized Story a Day has been done for a week. It was quite a heady month of writing, minimal editing, and being part of a pretty cool community. Since I was all talk at the beginning of the month about how well I expected to do, it’s only right that I come clean about the results.

My goal was 20 stories. I completed 14 stories,  3 stories took on a life of their own and their first drafts remain undone, and I put together 3 blog posts. I’m calling it a success.  The best thing is I have several pieces now ready to work on.

So the next logical step is to pick up my editing pen (the red one that doubles as the grade my children’s schoolwork pen) and get busy. But I know that all that editing won’t mean squat if I don’t have a push to submit so I joined Write 1 Sub 1 to give me the kick in the pants I need.

I even put their badge here on the blog to help hold me accountable!

The goal is pretty simple – get it on paper and get it out the door. I love the idea for the group “A year-long writing experiment in Ray Bradbury’s shadow.” Heck, anything Ray Bradbury and I’m in! After reading Sunday’s weekly roundup I’m inspired to get moving.

On the submitting side of things I discovered Duotrope’s Digest which I must say is just the thing I needed. Imagine a free, organized, searchable database of over 3400 publications. Amazing!

Well off to attack something with a red pen. Anybody ready to join me?

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