Writing at the Pool

It’s been another interesting week in writing land – that is to say – difficult. Been sitting in a 5th wheel with mother and the kids getting the rig packed up and sold.

Now before anyone envisions us sitting out in the woods – we’re not. Instead I spent two hours this afternoon typing poolside.  It made for a great people viewing opportunity and a rotten typing effort.  There is a strange feeling when everyone else is in bathing suits and you’re sitting under a canopy, on a plastic chaise lounge with a netbook in front of you.

The other night I was sitting at one of the tables at the pool and writing (and watching the Rockies baseball  online). Someone walked by and mocked me a bit.

I’m sure my weird writing place is nothing compared to anyone else’s. So let’s hear it. Tell me some of the off the wall places you’ve written.


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4 responses to “Writing at the Pool

  1. edgeacuity

    Haha, ignore the funny looks!
    Weirdest place I’ve written is probably…hmm, I can’t think of many weird places actually! I once wrote a chapter during a very loud gig because I had an idea and couldn’t wait to get home to put it down on paper. That was challenging.

  2. I guess you could say “the creek.” It’s my in-laws property on the Potomac. They haven’t built yet, but my husband and I go down there and camp in tents overlooking the water. I brought my laptop last time we were there and sat at the picnic table in the shade. It wasn’t the most comfortable spot by any means, but hey…at least I was writing!

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