Research and Scrivener for Windows Beta

I started using the Scrivener for Windows Beta last November for NaNo but really wasn’t doing anything much more exciting than basic writing and the occasional character sketch.

Fast forward six months and I’m getting a little more adventurous. Now as I’ve already admitted my weakness for research in a previous post (To the Stacks!) I’ll have to add my weakness for bookmarking sites and keeping them horribly organized.

Enter Scrivener and the utter joy at being able to import a site directly into my work file. Now I have everything available even when I can’t get to the internet. (Which happens quite frequently when the girls are at dance classes for hours on end!)

Just use Ctrl-Alt-W and you’ll get this nice box:

Note that you can’t be in the Story and do this. But go anywhere else in your binder and import as you wish. The possibilities boggle my mind. Pictures of authentic Bavarian garb in my character folder, lists of different types of dragons in research… Sorry, my mind wanders.

Thank you Scrivener for helping to organize my research addiction. For now I’m happily importing, writing, and waiting for the next update.

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