Prompts all Around

I’m seeing prompts everywhere lately. It used to happen a lot and then, well, kids arrived. But now they’re getting older and I’m getting bolder!

I was told that it outs someone as a writer to see prompts so many places.

There was the story my sister told about her boys – twitter fiction fodder, or the step-mother-in-law’s Facebook post – nifty little short coming from that.

But by far the best one I’ve ever had was seeing a travel show about a hotel that had this truly cool clear swimming pool that hung off the side of the building and could be seen from the busy city street below. I imagined a dead body being noticed in the pool as the city awoke one morning.

So what’s the best prompt you’ve stumbled across?


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2 responses to “Prompts all Around

  1. I know just what you mean. The best prompt I’ve found lately was a little boy pretending to do karate on the sidewalk outside a Chinese restaraunt. His parents must have owned the place, because he was wielding a greasy spatula which the cook was probably missing. That went right into a story!

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