Writing with Quirks

So Camp NaNoWriMo is open (as if I’d let you forget that!)

Not only am I experiencing the usual angst of accepting the 50,000 word challenge but I’m also realizing I have a few well developed writing quirks.

Headset on and MP3 loaded I begin. Soon I realize I forgot to turn the music on. Fix that. Now my head starts bopping as I write. Suddenly I’m trying to think of a word and my Sicilian comes out. Which means my hands leave the keyboard and start aimlessly waving in front of my face while I desperately try to get my brain to pull the word I want out of long term storage. Ah, found it.  Then I notice the kids watching me and being disgusted with their weird Mom (teenagers you know). So  I just close my eyes and keep on typing. Which really does help me cocoon away from reality but oh let me tell you how the eye rolling begins then!

I can’t be the only one with weird little habits. So please, tell me some of yours.


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4 responses to “Writing with Quirks

  1. I love your searching for a word. The right shade for the moment 🙂 My worst habit is trawling life for material. The kids just know when my antennae are out and I’m after a story….

  2. I have to wake up earlier than I should. Then feel guilty that I’m not writing even though I’m too tired. So I then take a short nap, feel refreshed, and I’m ready to write.

    It’s involved! I know.

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