A Funny Thing Happened…

I’m always amazed at life’s little twists and turns. I started this blog to talk about my writing journey. And as such I don’t talk much about my family life. But this time I have to because everything has run together!

Admittedly I was really skittish about the whole blogging thing. But in the course of starting this blog I learned just enough about setting one up to be dangerous. You know, like the person who watches medical shows and thinks they can diagnose everyone’s ailments.

Over on the family side of my life I am a dance mom. No, not like the ones who do the dance competitions and aim to gather trophies. Think little girls in pink tutus who are working toward Nutcracker at Christmas and a recital in June. The smallest ones even get a story read to them at the end of class.

For more reasons than you probably care to hear, we didn’t have a web page. So I in my new, highly dangerous state said I’d be glad to set one up and even put a few things together to show off. And they accepted. So now I’m in charge of communication central for 250 families.

And the really fun thing is – I’ve learned even more about setting up pages. And now I’m enjoying the process of blogging not just viewing it as a mere vehicle for my writing. I may even do a bit of remodeling over here.

Just yesterday I was bemoaning something and my husband threatened to get me a book to learn HTML. Now I know that wasn’t in the original plan!

Funny where life takes you…


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2 responses to “A Funny Thing Happened…

  1. Alan King

    I think it’s cool to read the different reasons why people started blogs. For you, it started out as a way to write about your writing journey. I started blogging almost two years ago (August 19 will mark the date) after I was laid off as a staff writer at the Baltimore Afro-American Newspaper.

    The day I was laid off, I called friends and family to break the news. A friend suggested that I start blogging to showcase my writing and to use my blog as a way of continuing what I did at the paper: helping inform and move people to action with my articles.

    When I started my blog, I was certain it would be magazine style articles (original reporting). And during those first three months, it was fun building credibility by going out and covering local events. Now, my blog has become something else that, in addition to articles, includes a short story, book reviews and essays on art and domestic issues.

    At first I fought against what my blog was becoming, then I took a lesson from watching nonprofit executive directors suffering from founders’ syndrome. I’ve since learned to let go and let the process of my blog becoming what it will be an organic one.

    Thank you so much for your post!


    • Thanks for stopping. I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

      It is funny how these blogs take on a life of their own – so much like a character in our stories.

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