Where did summer go?

My summer companions

I had such grand plans for summer. My reading list was picked out and I started with the W1S1 group. I was going to get so much reading and writing done!

So now it’s Labor Day and well, yep, summer’s over. So moving on to autumn!

On the writing side my StoryA Day piece received an Honorable Mention in the  competition Julie put together for us all at the end of May. Thank you Julie! I’ve since gutted and tightened up the piece. Amazing how different the story looked after being away from it for a few months.

I loved the idea of CampNaNo and valiantly tried to do it but found I was more in a short story mode. So we’ll put that in the semi-failure category. In July I really was getting words down – just not in a novel.

My girls took up most of my non-writing time.  Between 4-H, beach days, pool time, dance, and volunteering at the library life was never dull. Did you see the pelicans at the top of this post?  I took that at the local lake, in Colorado, where we also have a swim beach. Very fun!

Must go make a daily schedule. School work to do, places to take the girls, Nutcracker rehearsals starting next weekend (yes –  in September), bunch of shorts to finish, and NaNo to plan for…

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