And They Danced…

10 years since 9/11 and it’s still so vivid. The kids were 2 and 4, husband was in college, and I was working full time. Added to that I had recently totaled our Saturn so we were working with only one car – kind of a pain when you don’t live in town. It was my day off, the girls had dance, and husband of course had school.

That Tuesday morning – it was around 7am here in Colorado – husband leaned out of the bathroom and told me to turn the bedside radio on. We listened in shock.  I was all for staying home but my husband, who is former Air Force Security Police, said no. We weren’t giving in.

So as scheduled we loaded the girls in the car and headed for dance. We weren’t telling the girls anything so we didn’t have the radio on. They were just too young. I’ve never regretted keeping it from them. Life is hard enough and there was plenty of time for them to learn what had happened.

This being the days before smart phones no one was getting updates on the attacks except when some one new would arrive at the studio. It was surreal standing there for and hour-and-a-half watching those innocent little children dance away while everything seemed to be falling apart.

We headed off to school with husband and I turned the TV back on at home. The girls got shooed out of the living room a lot the next few days and told Mommy was just having sad days. The first day I didn’t cry seemed wrong somehow.

I was working retail and it was so quiet the next few days. We all just cleaned our areas and made things look perfect, it wasn’t as if things were getting messed up by hordes of shoppers.

At church this morning the readings were about forgiveness. Almost as if they’d been picked specifically for today. But it was just the 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Sometimes those things just work out.

Today the girls still dance, husband drives an hour each way for work, and I’m the stay at home Mom working very hard to get her emotions down on paper instead of using tears. Still working on that one.

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