Hello Autumn

Cooler weather has arrived here in the land of geese and bulls and while I can survive the summer heat, the cooler air certainly gives my creative juices a burst.

This week my story First Fall is part of One Forty Fiction’s Autumnal Equinox series. When One Forty Fiction announced the theme week I couldn’t help but think of my children when they were young and I would sneak in after getting home from my late shifts at work.

Of course with fall comes thoughts of NaNoWriMo. That crazy November dare to put out a 50,000 word – very rough – novel.  Right now I’m letting thoughts bounce in my head and will get to putting things down on paper in earnest come October. I’ve a few shorts demanding my attention and plan to get those cleared out within the next two weeks.

This year’s NaNo will have the added bonus of the W1S1 Novel Challenge added in. Not only are we pledging to get something down on paper, but actually – and this is the crazy part – do. something. with. it! Yes world, we are planning on taking this writing, editing, send if off to agents/self publish concept seriously. This group has been the kick in the pants I needed this year. Both through the Blog and the group that has grown over at the Absolute Write Forums.

Oh and to add to the fun this November, I’m going to be the NaNoWriMo coordinator for our homeschool group this year. I’ll be pushing myself along and encouraging the kids at the same time. I’ll have to be on top of my game to keep ahead of some of them!

What’s up with everyone else this autumn?


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