The Magical NaNo Mom

Certificates I made for each of us last year. My kids are overachievers!

NaNoWriMo preparations are gearing up around here!

So far for my kids:

  1. updated the classroom on YWP NaNoWriMo and begun entering students.
  2. downloaded the workbook for my girls from YWP. (And they’re using them)
  3. talked to the local library and scheduled write-ins for the kids
  4. Promised them that they’re schoolwork load will be lighter in November

For me:

  1. Pulled out the notebook for my story and started getting back into my world.
  2. Updated my NaNoWriMo section here on the blog – added a table so you can ALL see how I’m doing
  3. Marked Write-Ins on my calendar.
  4. Started planning dinner menus for minimal fuss.

What’s everyone else doing?

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