Get your Scrivener

At long last Scrivener for Windows is available for pre-order! And if you pre-order they’re taking 10% off.

Any one who’s seen my posts on G+ or the NaNoWriMo forums knows that I LOVE Scrivener.

Last October I downloaded the NaNo special beta and this year I’ve been patiently  updating the beta version and heading over to the Literature and Latte forums ready to report a bug; which someone else had inevitably found ahead of me. Kudos to all the betas who found things so quickly.

I think I’ve finally tried out all the capabilities of the program – but don’t quote me on that. I’ve  dumped links into my research file as well as images and documents, endlessly re-organized items in the binder and  then moved chunks over to another Scrivener file,and even generated character names by culture or meaning. So nice!

So thank you Literature and Latte. I’ve placed my order and received my serial number. November 7 can’t come soon enough for me.


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