Mid-Month Check In

Before you read on, don’t forget it’s Donation Day for NaNoWriMo! If you can help out please do. Today’s goal is $100,000. I’ve got my halo – do you?

As of  last night I’m on track to hit the 50,000!  I’m also only about 25% of the way through my outline, which is even better.

Today is Wednesday and I usually don’t get much/any writing done.  So I’m not expecting that number to move until Thursday.

We’ve had three wonderful Young Writers, Write-Ins. Yesterday we had 7 writers – all girls – for our Tuesday morning get together. Nothing like getting spanked on percentage completed (and sometimes word count) by 12-14 year olds.

I’ve been two five grown up Write-Ins and consumed enormous amounts of hot chocolate. I love the camaraderie but must admit to getting less done then when I’m alone.

However, under threat of guilt monkeys,  I am maintaining a healthy sense of panic where my word count is concerned.  My 25,000 words are actually pulling down our regions word war average count. This year there are three regions competing.  We have a two part scoring system around here. It’s not just the average word count but also the percentage of “wins”. I’ll be there for the win but know that my word count will be on the low side.

I’ve put my November Flash on a separate page. You can find it here. Haven’t kept up with the two a week pace I set for myself. Resolving to do better.

I can happily say that we’ve mostly kept to the food calendar. Did trade a couple days around. Then yesterday I got creative with leftovers and turned a planned sandwich night into shredded chicken burritos smothered in chili. Yummy and easily ported to dance classes.

Oh – and I’m happy to say I’ve only had to beat up on the damnit doll once!

How are you all doing?


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4 responses to “Mid-Month Check In

  1. LKD

    Not much movement from 8K because of work. Inspired by people who can write a bunch in a matter of days or hours, and I will still write to done!

    May the words be with you!


  2. 25k sounds like you’re doing well to me, especially as busy as you seem to be.

    As for me, I hit 50k on the 15th and am trying to push myself to finish the story out (probably around 60-70k total) before the end of the month.

    • You’re doing great! I’m so impressed at everyone who can crank out so much in so short a time. I’m hoping to finish up the first draft by Christmas.

      Of course we have to be ready for StoryADay!

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