February, Really?

I suddenly feel like I’ve lost a month.  Noticing the last time I posted here I’m not too far off!  The new year brings some news and also  the need for a  few updates around this place.

I’ve posted up the 2012 Write1 Sub1 Badge. This year it’s monthly instead of weekly. I was goaling for 8,000 words on the Janaury piece. It’s jumped up over 7300 with no signs of finishing soon. So into February I take it. Failure on the subbing side for January. That must be fixed in February!

I’ve also updated the Flash Fiction Page and made it a place for all my little pieces completed around the web to prompts and commentaries. Currently there are pieces using the Flash Fiction Project from Becky Raymond,  Glitter Girl’s Tuesday Tales, and Days of Grey run by Bliss Morgan. Keep checking in for some fun items.

The novel  is sitting a bit for now. However, the aforementioned January short is once again playing in the same universe and so I am tangentially progressing the novel.

Cara Michaels started a cool project entitled #WIP500. The idea is to write 500 words per day. which will net you 183,000 words by year’s end. I’m not participating officially but am following along in spirit.  It’s giving me a nice daily goal which is easily met and surpassed.

Recently someone mentioned to me that they always tracked their writing productivity and had found some patterns in their writing habits. So I’ve added daily tracking to my writing routine. It will be interesting to see if I notice any trends on a monthly or seasonal basis. Stay tuned for updates!

That’s all for today. Welcome to the 29 days of February!

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One response to “February, Really?

  1. Go, go long story!

    And yay for stattage! I do loves me some good stattage.

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