Smile Time

As you can see from the picture I have a little braggage.  But first thanks to @glitterlady for hosting TuesdayTales and @JonathonVolkmer for judging everyone’s pieces this week.

Back in March I wrote about beginning to plan a new YA SciFi piece and that’s been coming along nicely. Started actual writing April 1st – just in time to rebel through Script Frenzy (shh – don’t tell anyone I’m not writing a script). Life’s been a bit busy and the novel planning/writing has taken up my open time and so I’ve been neglecting daily flash writing.

Then yesterday turned into “be a good daughter” day and I sat at a surgical center with my mother for a few hours – and wrote. Perfect time to do TuesdayTales. Our word this week was “prescited” and a picture of a very sad woman with a batch of  colorful balloons. 100 words? Sure I can do this. You can read my story on my Flash Fiction page

I learned several things yesterday: surgical waiting rooms need writing tables, I love internet “guest connections”, and I can write jammed up in a chair in a pre-op room. Truly, with a netbook and Scrivener I can do anything.

So please head over to TuesdayTales and read all the great stories.  And next week – join us!


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2 responses to “Smile Time

  1. liliales

    You inspire me. I need to get back to daily writing.

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