A Last Hurrah

Today my goal was  to combine the Thursday Threads phrase that ties our tales together  (“I’m terminal, not contagious.”) with the Story a Day prompt (keep your MC offstage).  Are you up for either challenge?

Tana grunted as she pulled the oversized envelope out of her apartment mail box. Which was immediately followed by a snort as she read “DO NOT BEND” stamped across its crumpled middle.

It was from Kaileen. Tana hadn’t seen her in almost a year. They’d been what Tana always thought of as situational friends. Took the same aerobics class and were part of a group that would occasionally go out for a drink afterward. Nothing personal. Certainly not send cards in the mail type friends.

“I’m terminal…”

read the front of the card in big letters. Below was a picture of Kaileen, with a big smile, arms flung wide, and looking like she was finishing a tap dance. Until you noticed her head. You could always tell someone who was in chemo.

Tana opened the card and couldn’t help but laugh to find:

“…not contagious!”

But sobered as she read the rest of the card:

You’re all invited to join me this

Saturday, 6pm at

Ben’s Bar

for food, fun, and liquor.

Come help send me off in style!

Kaileen had invited Tana to her parties before – and been turned down. But this time Tana knew she would be going and quit smacking the hand of friendship that was being offered.


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