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Discovering John Ringo

That almost sounds like a book or song title, hmm. On to the real point of this post. John Ringo has only been on my radar for a few years. I know, he’s been publishing for 10 years now but I took the wandering path.

It began in the mid 90’s when my father in law sent a copy of David Weber’s On Basilisk Station to my husband and we were introduced to Honor Harrington.  Now I’m not traditionally not much into military scifi and I will admit there are times in the battle scenes that I read lightly. But that little bit aside, this series has become a favorite for the two of us and great household battles have erupted over whose turn it is to get a hold of the most recent book.

Over the years and with the subsequent “Honorverse” books I have had the pleasure of encountering several authors.  As a reader I love these types of collaboration.  It allows discovery in a safe and controlled situation.  If the author I love is willing to let others “play” in their world then I have an excellent first introduction. to a potential new adventure path.

I enjoyed the Empire of Man series also written with David Weber but outside of the Honorverse.  I was getting a good idea of John Ringo’s style and soon would be ready to support him fully.

So I was excited to see a new John Ringo novel at the bookstore when I had the birthday money gleefully clutched in my hand.  Even more thrilling was when I realized this was the first novel in a new series!  Bonus.  There is nothing more frustrating when I see what promises to be an interesting book and I realize it’s partway into the series and the bookstore I’m standing in doesn’t have the first book in the series.  It’s usually about that time some perky young clerk type will ask me if I need help and I glare.  They move away quickly.

But now, gloriously new and a first book I was thrilled.  And seeing as I’m married to a man who spent most of his childhood in New Hampshire I couldn’t pass up any book titled Live Free or Die.  This first book in the Troy Rising series will be my Christmas weekend naughtiness. I expect I’ll be sneaking off to read whenever I can.


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