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David Farland and the Runelords

It’s been an interesting week since the last post. I’ve been out of country to bury my father, cleaned out the garage (blech!), and read David Farland’s the Runelords: The Sum of All Men.

This was my first David Farland/Dave Wolverton book and I’ll admit to picking the book because it seemed a good length for the trip (practical), and the library had several in the series (inference of good read).

The magic system is multi-layered and complex. First is the concept that a person can give/sell a portion of themselves such as wit or hearing to someone else. This is all very practical and even a bit political.

There are also the magicians who specialize within the basic elements such as earth, water, or fire. Add to this the usual nation building and some shadowy external threats and you’ve got the makings of a grand and epic fantasy realm.

I think I’ll enjoy catching up on the rest of the series – now up to eight books. Hopefully the library has them all!

Unfortunately I also found my inner editor coming out. How many pages were there before dialogue began, how far in before the mysterious “reavers” were first seen rather than just talked about, did time frames match between different character’s scenes.

I used to be able to just fall into the created world and ignore reality. There was one time I even had to ask my mother if we’d had dinner because of a well written discussion of a banquet. It’s a bit disconcerting to find myself yanked out of the story and into critical thinking mode.

Does anyone else ever find themselves doing this?



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