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November To Do List

Here it is. My public declaration of my November intentions.

1. Win NaNoWriMo

2. Post on the G+ No Na-No Flash Fiction Project at least two times a week

3. Update my word counts here at least four times a week

4. Prepare at least one fun NaNo lesson/activity for weekly YWP Write-In

5. Update my progress on Absolute Write W1S1 Novel Hub at least once a week

And now to get to it!



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What’s Beyond the NaNo Month

Every year thousands of us begin NaNo with the greatest of intentions. We’re going to write a novel. Okay, we’re going to get the first draft of what could sometime become a novel done. Also every year we have inspiring stories of people who have taken their NaNo stories and done something with them. Woo-hoo publication land!

I know many people write just to know that they can get the story out of their mind and onto the paper. That’s where I was last year. But what about if you want to get somewhere and need a community to help push you along?

Let me introduce you to the Write1 Sub1 blog. It’s a group inspired by Ray Bradbury and founded around the idea that once you write (and edit) then you have to take the risk to get it out the door.  This year a lot of talented people have pushed themselves for weekly or monthly goals. It’s amazing seeing what others have been doing and pushing myself to be more productive.

The group checks in at the blog but chatters over on the Absolute Write forums. Along the way on the forums someone suggested adding a year long novel challenge to the group.  So come November 1 we start!

So far we have 50 people who will cajole and console each other along through this next year. If you’re starting with NaNo, already working on something, or have plans for several novels this year come and join us.

Some have highly detailed plans and some of us just know we want to get it done. I’m in that second group. I know that being with this group will help hold my feet to the fire to keep working. And if I don’t succeed, they’ll be there with comforting words.

So come and join us as we kickoff our inaugural W1S1 novel year with NaNoWriMo and aim to finish with a novel! The “official” Novel sign up thread is on the Absolute Write Forums.

Come on in, sign up for Absolute Write, and prepare yourself for a year long novel writing challenge with inspiring and motivating people!

Nov 5 update – we’ve added a Novel discussion hub on the AW forums and we have a new badge. We’re getting very organized.


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Comets and Criminals Launching Soon!

I’ve always loved seeing behind the curtain. Even the end of Wizard of Oz didn’t bum me out.  It was more like really? I’m getting let in on the secret?

The past few months has been fun on Absolute Write  as one of our awesome forum Mods – Samuel Mae – has let us in a bit on his grand new project of launching a  new genre zine called Comets and Criminals. Think sci-fi, westerns, mysteries and everything in-between.

Over the past few months Sam has teased portions of the cover, let loose a few of the authors he has in this first issue, and even shared a bit of his tiredness. It’s been a kick in the pants to read about. Thank you Sam for letting us in.

But now, finally, we get to see the WHOLE cover and the WHOLE TOC.

I’m even feeling a bit in the know as I get to talk to some of these authors on the Absolute Write forums.

Now we just have to wait until October 1 for the launch.

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