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Vardaman Bundren anyone?

So I was reading today’s post over at Nathan Bransford’s site – great blog and always something to be learned!  Anyway, today’s posting asked What Is your Favorite Character Name? I immediately went and grabbed my old copy of “As I Lay Dying”  to double check the spelling of Vardaman Bundren.

And then it hit me how long ago I first read this book – it’s been 25 years – senior year in AP English. (Slight moment of feeling old.)  We read a lot of things that year. Lots of Shakespeare, Some Greek tragedies, Moby Dick, and good old Mr. Faulkner.

Some I liked and some I loathed, but the Faulkner got under my skin. First person, stream of consciousness, each chapter from a different character’s point of view. So different from anything I’d read before.

Thanks to Nathan Bransford I’ll be visiting with Vardaman Bundren and the whole clan again this summer. Hmm, maybe add a little Joseph Heller, and then top it off with a few Greek tragedies.

Who else is up for re-reading a book from our old school days?


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