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I’ve Concocted a Winner!

Just came home and checked email to find out my story won this week’s Tuesday Tales! Thanks go to our guest judge for the week Miranda Kate (@PurpleQueenNL) and as always to Stevie McCoy (@Theglitterlady) who puts this together every week.  And as a bonus this week Miranda Kate picked 4 honorable mentions instead of the usual 3.

I shall do a little happy dance now. Then go for a pointe shoe fitting. No, not on me – it’s my crazy kids!



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Concoct a Tuesday Tale!

This Week’s Word: Concoct


Concoct: to make by combining different ingredients to invent; make up; contrive

Come join the fun of Tuesday Tales. You’ve got 100 words, a photo to inspire you, and a word that must be included.  I’ve added mine – how about you?

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Tuesday Tales


Come join the Tuesday Tales fun. A picture prompt, a theme word,  What story can you weave with 100 words?

Read mine at Tuesday Tales or on my own Flash Fiction page.

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Bring on the Judge

Yes it’s TuesdayTales time again.  And this week’s guest judge is me!  Last week’s win means I have the honor of  judging this week’s entries. Your picture is above, your word is “affable”, and you have100 words. Go get writing – and then post it up at TuesdayTales! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s stories.

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Valentine’s Day thoughts and stories

Today is everyone get frothy and giddy day here in the states – do you all do this elsewhere? While I am not the overtly sentimental type, I do love stopping one day to just be a little dippy.

My father always gave each of us girls our own box of chocolate on Valentine’s Day and then continued that tradition with my girls, add on my husband who also buys each of us our own box and the end result is a Webb household filled with chocolate goodness.

Last year Daddy passed away on February 7 and so I wasn’t expecting anything for the girls. But somehow my mother had it all ready. Not sure if he bought it or she did, but the day was wonderful for that little bit of love. This year Mother carried on the tradition for the girls but my husband surprised me by buying candy for us and my Mother. What wonderful son-in-law. The girls made cards for their grandmother and I’ll deliver everything this morning while she’s out of the house.

On the writing side of things, thanks to the wonderful prompt yesterday from Days of Grey and today from Tuesday Tales, I’ve written two pieces with two very different tones for the holiday and put them on my Flash Fiction  page.

Whether you’re attached, unattached, or trying to figure it all out. I hope you have a fun and love filled Valentine’s Day.

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