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What’s this platforming thing?

Yes, I want to get published.  And yes I need to do a lot of writing, editing, querying, and maybe even a certain amount of praying.  But being a 40 something mother who is finally entering the fray I am beginning to learn about this need for vast amounts of self promotion that are supposed to precede any expectations of being published.

Platform I said to my self what’s this platform thing all about? Oh, it’s the shameless self promotion that I am required to do in order to prove that I can not only write but also attract people to me.  The skeptic in my wonders if attracting people who are willing to read your thoughts for free on the internet will translate to those people and many more plunking down their hard earned cash for your printed word. But I want to not only write for me but to spread my stories far and wide so creating a platform I go!

I wander a bit lost at the moment and am contemplating buying a book to help guide me.  So, I guess there are dollars to be found in this online free world.  Mine will be going to someone else to tell me that this really is necessary and how to go about it, and maybe even how to balance all this with my story writing time.

So my twittering is beginning to step up.  I’ve set up 2 blogs – this one for the writer side of me and another personal one.  I’ve even contemplated if it’s presumptuous to set up a Facebook fan page now (I’ve decided it is for the moment but have put it on my “To Do” list for the near future). Have I linked everything? Not quite yet but I’m getting there. So in the realm of shameless self promotion I invite you to join me on Twitter and my personal blog.


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