Story A Day

Aiming to keep them under 500 words this year
25 story goal
I’ll use this page to discuss what I was thinking each day.
Click the date to read each story.

May 10 – A Last Hurrah

Today’s Prompt: Offstage. Have your main character offstage.

Today being Thursday I also checked the Thursday Threads site to see what the connecting sentence for our stories would be. This week it was “I’m terminal, not contagious!”.  The sentence invites sappy and emotional. I rarely do emotional and sappy (just ask my family). It took a bit but my mind did pull together a story that necessarily involved an ill main character, who is offstage, and is not sappy. 10 days – 7 stories.

May 9 – No Story

Today’s Prompt: Chatty Cathy. Write a story where everything we learn about the character comes from the things they say.

Busy Wednesday that involved buying a new computer and setting it up. Now I have quad core. So much faster then my netbook.

May 8 – The State of Carolina VS Lessett Fortreau

Today’s Prompt: Rewrite a character from your past.

While I didn’t hold to the actual intent of this prompt. I did use a character from a past story. Lessett from the Psychic Artist is put into a short piece for the online zine Miscellanea. Already submitted!

May 7 – Black Magic Woman

Today’s prompt: Use a song title as title of your piece.

Is there anything better than Santana? Great start on the piece and then hit a little roadblock. Needed to make strong motivator for that Black Magic Woman  (other than merely being evil). Re-working and will be submitting.

May 5/6 – No stories.

Today’s prompt: May 5 was find a picture on Flicker ; May 6 was Eavesdropping – use a line from an overheard conversation.

I did find a great picture from Flicker but today’s writing consisted of finishing the May 4 story. Then I went and played church lady. May 6 we were barely home – had Comic Con volunteer training. Traded writing geekery for comicing geekery.

May 4 – Abandoned at Death

Today’s Prompt:  A phone we found outside the theater after seeing The Avengers.

So no it wasn’t an official prompt. But isn’t getting a prompt from real life better? Unlike my characters, we didn’t answer the phone or check for text messages. It was turned in to the “Guest Services” desk at the theater as quickly as possible.

May 3 – Psychic Artist

Today’s Prompt: Use the following sentence in your piece: “It was a much better monument than a cold stone in a manicured cemetery.”

This prompt was actually for the Thursday Threads flash competition.  When I got going on a story it came together so well that I’m cleaning it up and submitting. So It won’t be posted.

May 2 – Behind the Risers

Today’s Prompt:  Use a memory. Replay it, change it. Make us feel it.

So yes, I punched someone in high school Not proud of it but I did it. I’ve always wanted to admit this little incident in public and now here I am doing it for the whole world!.  The one thing I took away from that was I would be able to defend myself if the need ever arose. That kid never bugged my section again.

May 1  – The House of Memories

Today’s prompt:  Write something under 1200 words. 

I was thinking about changing the calendar and today being May Day which is supposed to be a happy day. But then began wondering how it would be for someone who had a sad memory for today. 610 words and 4 tissues later I  remembered why I don’t write deep emotional pieces.  Also am working on not saying “she thought” or “she felt”.  Instead having her stomach turn, tears fall, she grips the counter.


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