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February, Really?

I suddenly feel like I’ve lost a month.  Noticing the last time I posted here I’m not too far off!  The new year brings some news and also  the need for a  few updates around this place.

I’ve posted up the 2012 Write1 Sub1 Badge. This year it’s monthly instead of weekly. I was goaling for 8,000 words on the Janaury piece. It’s jumped up over 7300 with no signs of finishing soon. So into February I take it. Failure on the subbing side for January. That must be fixed in February!

I’ve also updated the Flash Fiction Page and made it a place for all my little pieces completed around the web to prompts and commentaries. Currently there are pieces using the Flash Fiction Project from Becky Raymond,  Glitter Girl’s Tuesday Tales, and Days of Grey run by Bliss Morgan. Keep checking in for some fun items.

The novel  is sitting a bit for now. However, the aforementioned January short is once again playing in the same universe and so I am tangentially progressing the novel.

Cara Michaels started a cool project entitled #WIP500. The idea is to write 500 words per day. which will net you 183,000 words by year’s end. I’m not participating officially but am following along in spirit.  It’s giving me a nice daily goal which is easily met and surpassed.

Recently someone mentioned to me that they always tracked their writing productivity and had found some patterns in their writing habits. So I’ve added daily tracking to my writing routine. It will be interesting to see if I notice any trends on a monthly or seasonal basis. Stay tuned for updates!

That’s all for today. Welcome to the 29 days of February!


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Where Did She Come From?

The end of Week 1 and as usual my story has taken a few twists.

Highlights this week:

  • An unexpected character showed up but turns out I needed her and the subplot she dragged in.
  • Scrivener for Windows had an extra coupon so I was able to buy it for less than 1/2 price.
  • Found a great new coffee place thanks to our Friday Write-In and they have nummy hot chocolate.
  • Florence and the Machine makes my fingers dance across the keyboard.

Report card for the week:

  • Word Count – 12,000
  • Flash Fiction –  completed  2 days
  • Word Count chart on blog  – updated 5 days
  • YWP Write-In activity – nothing figured out yet X
  • AW Novel Hub – updated today
  • Food Calendar – followed every day

So far so good. How’s everyone else doing?

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November To Do List

Here it is. My public declaration of my November intentions.

1. Win NaNoWriMo

2. Post on the G+ No Na-No Flash Fiction Project at least two times a week

3. Update my word counts here at least four times a week

4. Prepare at least one fun NaNo lesson/activity for weekly YWP Write-In

5. Update my progress on Absolute Write W1S1 Novel Hub at least once a week

And now to get to it!


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What’s Beyond the NaNo Month

Every year thousands of us begin NaNo with the greatest of intentions. We’re going to write a novel. Okay, we’re going to get the first draft of what could sometime become a novel done. Also every year we have inspiring stories of people who have taken their NaNo stories and done something with them. Woo-hoo publication land!

I know many people write just to know that they can get the story out of their mind and onto the paper. That’s where I was last year. But what about if you want to get somewhere and need a community to help push you along?

Let me introduce you to the Write1 Sub1 blog. It’s a group inspired by Ray Bradbury and founded around the idea that once you write (and edit) then you have to take the risk to get it out the door.  This year a lot of talented people have pushed themselves for weekly or monthly goals. It’s amazing seeing what others have been doing and pushing myself to be more productive.

The group checks in at the blog but chatters over on the Absolute Write forums. Along the way on the forums someone suggested adding a year long novel challenge to the group.  So come November 1 we start!

So far we have 50 people who will cajole and console each other along through this next year. If you’re starting with NaNo, already working on something, or have plans for several novels this year come and join us.

Some have highly detailed plans and some of us just know we want to get it done. I’m in that second group. I know that being with this group will help hold my feet to the fire to keep working. And if I don’t succeed, they’ll be there with comforting words.

So come and join us as we kickoff our inaugural W1S1 novel year with NaNoWriMo and aim to finish with a novel! The “official” Novel sign up thread is on the Absolute Write Forums.

Come on in, sign up for Absolute Write, and prepare yourself for a year long novel writing challenge with inspiring and motivating people!

Nov 5 update – we’ve added a Novel discussion hub on the AW forums and we have a new badge. We’re getting very organized.


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Check in time.

Yep, I’ve changed my badges over there on the right hand side. NaNo is coming soon and I had to move on from the glory of last year’s win.

It also feels like time for a mid-October progress check.

October  openings/deadlines –

4 pieces to start month. Dumped 1 because I apparently cannot write dragon stories – yet.  Finished 1 but didn’t send to the market I originally wrote it for. Does anyone else do that?   Currently – 2 still to finish. 1 going well one not so much.

November openings/deadlines –

1 piece (I was careful not to put things on my list!) –  Second draft completed, edits needed.

December openings/deadlines –

2 pieces – For 1 market will pick from some existing pieces. 1 is in progress and relates to my novel.

W1S1 Goals –

I’ve switched to the Monthly side of things and have already written and subbed 1 this month.   Also the Year Long Novel challenge starts in November.  And yes that was deliberate. Thanks Moderators! Feeling on top of things here.

NaNoWriMo Prep –

Not so much as I’d like.  I know I’ll be working in the Thin Places world I’ve been generally organizing all year and also where I’ve written some shorts. Just not quite sure where to jump in. The story line in my head is about 12,000 years long but I know that a lot of that is backstory and fodder for shorts.  I may take several jumps along the time line a bit for November. We’ll see.

So, the good the bad and the truly ugly come out.  The month started with only 1 item subbed, I’ve added 2, and will add 1-2 more before the end of the month. Getting there. Plus  several items that need to get turned back around.

It’s a big change from a year ago. Back then I would mumble about starting to write and hesitant to call myself a writer. Now my friends aren’t surprised to find me huddled at the netbook with  earplugs in and tell me how proud they are of my big plunge.

That’s my scorecard for the month so far. Anyone else care to share?

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