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The Grocery List has a home

Bet you thought I meant my real list didn’t you? Nope! I mean my little Twitter fiction piece that will be published this coming Friday – June 1 by Cuento Magazine (@CuentoMag) on Twitter.

Never heard of Twitter fiction before? Well take 140 characters – or less if you need to fit your Twitter handle into the piece – and write a poem or prose story.  I find it to be great practice in brevity of thought.

Some Twitter fiction publishers post on their websites –

  • trapezemag.wordpress.com
  • onefortyfiction.com
  • nanoism.net
  • unfoldmag.wordpress.com

While Others go straight to Twitter

  • @CuentoMag
  • @7×20

Inspired? Give it a go!

But before Friday comes make sure you’re following me (@sammyjwebb) and Cuento Magazine (@CuentoMag).

See you in the Twitterverse!



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Balance, balance, balance

So I’m feeling very pleased with myself for getting several short story first drafts laid down, submitting a twitter fiction piece, and even occasionally picking at my CampNaNoWrimo (yes only picking–mostly because I’ve decided I hate my story), single parented for the week, did get kids everywhere they needed to be (and on time), and survived three meetings. But you know what I forgot to do?

This is gonna take bullet points:

  • dishes (no those are not mine in the picture)
  • laundry
  • blog
  • cook proper dinners for the family
  • make the bed
  • clean the bathroom

One of these days I’ll figure it all out.  Any clues?

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